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KC @ Rubies & Diamonds

Place: Rubies + Diamonds, 6115 Sunset Blvd #150, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tea of Choice: English Breakfast

Giraffe Rating (out of 5 | for tea): 4.01

Read whilst listening to: Hysteric, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Paper cranes > Paper planes

To preface the upcoming blog posts, I've been messing around with the tE(a)scapades experience. Nothing serious, just adding some structure to the questions and methodical note-taking whilst the person is speaking - it's like lazy man's journalism*, but more importantly my brain is a sieve if it's not written down did it even really happen?

When I asked KC to describe herself in 3 words, which is now a feature of tE(a)scapades, after much pondering she answered:

Loud, friendly, easily-attached.

The last word sparked my curiosity and I asked her to explain further. She divulged that in her room she has approximately 600 - 700+ paper cranes that she has folded since the age of 12, a skill she picked up at summer camp and since then has continued to add to her collection. However, what she views as easy-attachment I would venture to argue is more accurately characterized as patience, determinism and a painstakingly high threshold for detail.

The Japanese art form of origami is mesmerizing. The artisan takes a blank, uneventful piece of paper and from it creates a masterpiece. The resulting paper sculpture is an intricately woven object crafted from basic everyday materials, yet it took the right human to look past the mundane and instead imagine what it could be; something truly beautiful. The maker invests time, energy and a little bit of spirit into each three-dimensional art piece.

If we now replace 'artisan, artist and creator' with KC, I believe we have a more detailed depiction of KC and a new definition for easily-attached. What's even more dumbfounding is the candor with which KC shrugs her shoulders and acts as though this level of commitment to inanimate or animate objects (e.g. humans) is characteristic of most people. Yet trying to tell her otherwise is a lost cause.

This tE(a)scapade was EARLY (thank you for being such a caring and flexible human). However, this meant parking galore in Hollywood, yes HOLLYWOOD, the joy experienced cannot be recreated using mere words. Rubies + Diamonds is the tea counterpart to LAMILL coffee. The decor is contemporary chic, with warm light cascading down from the elaborate chandeliers and music to suit**. We both ordered English Breakfast Tea and a scone. The tea itself was chock-full of antioxidants and whatever else LA storefronts insist on marketing to the consumer in order to cater to all the health nuts that are roaming (driving) around; but the fundamental taste was there and after steeping for a little longer than usual resulted in a robust flavor.

Pros: All I need in this life of sin, is me and a chandelier - a little different than Beyonce's original lyrics but the intention is the same. The contemporary light fixtures and attention to detail concerning the interior decoration is much appreciated. Plus the scone was pretty good, which is quite a feat as most I've tried in LA are on the dry side.

Cons: They immediately but your tea in to-go cups, like you're drinking coffee (boo, hiss). I have nothing against to-go cups, but this establishment was built with the sole intention of serving tea. Thus it's a little odd, at least in my opinion, that you wouldn't have a teapot option that allows the tea to steep as nature intended.

Thank you for coming to TEA with me, KC.

*I am in school for health. I have no experience with journalism.

**Whoever made the playlist should be congratulated.

Until next time,



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