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Catherine K. & Dayle H.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Place: Rose & Blanc Tea Room, 301 S Western Ave #202, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Tea of Choice: Me - English Breakfast, Dayle - Paris For Her (Rose, Raspberry & Lychee #fruitea), Catherine - Something with Hibiscus?

Giraffe Rating (out of 5 | for tea): 4.93

These pigs are my co-workers. Fret not, "pigs" is a term of endearment.

In mid-March, I started a new job at this little-known millennial media company and met Catherine & Dayle. Fast-forward to May, Catherine decides that we're not good enough for her, and the dim lights and rat-ridden streets of New York city are calling her name instead. (This was not a spur of the moment decision, but for the purpose of this story her decision came entirely out of left field. Selfish? My thoughts exactly). Before she headed off, never to be heard from again*, TEA was in order.

"As you can see, I'm uncultured." - Catherine**

What's crazy is how quickly these two have integrated into the normalcy of life. I feel as though I have known them for far longer than the calendar suggests, but spending a minimum of 40 hours a week sat next to each other, in an office with no walls, should I be surprised?

Dayle is a cool ocean breeze, from her rippling hair to her calm demeanor and soft smile; you're left feeling at ease and reassured in her presence; but do not cross her, she👏will👏come👏for👏you. More on that later. As part of the new job I was taking over duties that were once hers, and these were some large shoes to fill; she's a metadata tagging queen, among other things! Despite her prowess, she never made me feel less than or small. This particular characteristic extends beyond that singular moment. Throughout the training process, she uplifted, encouraged, and supported; in the midst of so much new and transition, she made you feel safe and seen. No question too stupid, no ask is too outrageous, she wants to see you succeed, at work this can be a rare find. Through her words and actions, whether you actually are or not, you feel competent, empowered, able take on whatever comes your way.

There's no condescension, just sincere concern for your mental and physical capacity - as I said, she's a cool, refreshing, ocean breeze. Make no mistake though, she's not some delicate flower, this girl is Hannah Montana. You get the beeessssst of both worlds. Like Miley, to the layperson, Dayle appears to be your normal brown-haired beauty, but when Hannah is unleashed, you're left in awe of her grit and resolve to "get. it. done." Don't cross her during those moments, it'll leave a sting. Dayle's secret identity is only known by those who've taken the time to look a little closer. She's unusual, not so typical; frankly, she might even be a rockstar.

Catherine and I are incredibly similar. We both understand that black is a happy color and a #socialteam staple, we're unimpressed by most people and unsure why it takes others so long to get it. Like, it's simple, literal common sense; as such, why are we still talking? I appreciate that we have no problem being in silence together. There's a mutual understanding that no words need to be exchanged but Slack me if a random thought that's worthy of sharing crosses your mind. It's a blessing. She straight up texted me asking where this blog post was the day I started writing it, spooky, right? How she knew will remain a mystery **sixth-sense/telepathic connectivity/mind-reading sleuth, any and all of the above?!**, but the forwardness and bluntness screams, me. I get her, and she gets me.

With this said, I would like it on paper that she is a GRADE A STALKER. Oftentimes, she knows more about your business than you do, which may sound alarming, but it's strangely comforting; it means she cares. When she sets herself a goal, she executes, and this is one of the many ways the trait reveal itself. If that means trolling the internet for hard-to-find information. She's your girl. If that means pushing you to see yourself for what or who you truly are and your capabilities, rather than diminishing yourself. She's your girl. She sees goals beyond the scope of what most can envision, and wants you, too, to follow through. She'll provide you with the information to make decisions and move forward, with the expectation that you'll show some initiative and utilize the information to further yourself, as she would. Catherine wouldn't describe herself in this way, but after seeing all the pieces at play, and the patterns emerge, that's her way of saying, "Hey pig, I care about you, I want more for you. Now go do it, peasant". No airs or graces or fluff, but sound, honest and dependable. That's Catherine.

These two are the literal embodiment of same, same but different. Both are determined, strong-willed, with a tireless work ethic; however, the way that those traits manifest themselves couldn't be further from each another. What can I say, somehow it works.

Rose & Blanc was a cute oasis in an otherwise unremarkable complex. Tucked away in the corner of K-Town, this copycat English tearoom was a gentle reminder of the full tea experience one would have in the Motherland. High praise indeed. From the tea to the (food) tower, to the tunes - ok, maybe the music could have been a little quieter - it is a great, affordable option for some quintessential afternoon tea. Would recommend. Would go again.

Catherine: Bubbly | Pessimist | Talks To Self

Dayle: Strategic | Emotional | Lost In Thought

Thank you for coming to TEA with me, Catherine & Dayle.

*We still work at the same company, on the same team, in the same position. I literally speak to her every weekday and some weekends.

**Americans, am I right? Can't take them anywhere. #smh

Until next time,



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