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Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Alright ready

Come on man, this is what I do

Yo mic check, mic check, yeah here you go

Yeah, I heard she got that hot new thing

It's called "Reality LA: Meet the Community"

(shoutout for Will Smith's song "Switch" for the inspiration.

Please play in the background and rap along).

Umm, Ifelola, what on earth are you rapping about? Oh, wow, I'm so glad you asked! I have a blog (no duh) but I haven't really used this space in the last year or so (like also, DUH). Rather than let this piece of the internet go to waste, I've decided to get back on the wagon and resume te(a)scapades. Yes, I have written almost these exact words before, but what is commitment if not picking yourself up every time you fall. NB: I 110% recognize that blogging is not the same as falling over, think figuratively rather than physically.

Anywho, you're still probably wondering about what I'm referring to in the little intro rap...

In May I graduate from USC aka the University of Spoiled Children (again?! Didn't you do that already?! Yes, yes I did - just tryna be 2 degrees hotter instead of 1) and will be forced to do the thing known as "adulting". At the beginning of this year, in preparation, I joined a Community Group at Reality LA (it's like they found all the hipster Christians in Los Angeles and put them all in one church - it's great). Community is at the crux of the Christian walk, and knowing that so much transition is ahead, I thought it best to begin the phase of building community outside of campus prior to being booted away from college. Ergo, I am in a Community Group. But why TEA? What better opportunity to get to know people than having the "excuse" of going to tea. Being known and knowing others takes time and intentionality, but the genuine relationships are worth the work. There's something about sitting down with someone over a cup of steaming leaf water and learning about what makes them, them, that I can't seem to (or want to) get away from.

New Group of People + TEA = CommuniTEA

This series will run as a part of regular te(a)scapades, but the people highlighted are members of my community group. Stay tuned for more - I look forward to getting to know them with you. #MeetTheCommuniTEA

Until next time,



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