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Musings Of A Gal In Quarantine

Nothing to do in quarantine?

Ah, there's everything to do in quarantine. Here's a brief list:

  1. be with your thoughts

  2. be with your thoughts some more (sometimes, oftentimes, there's more than one; all clamoring for the same space)

  3. think more about the philosophical meaning of thought

  4. consider what to do about a lack of thoughts or the sheer multitude of thoughts

As I said, there's SO much to do in quarantine. Confused yet? Same.

The original title of this post was: The Musings Of A Gal Stuck In Quarantine.

While the "The" was simply taking up unnecessary space, the use of stuck did make me pause for a moment.




The feeling of being simultaneously caged in and isolated.

With lots to do, abundant time, and yet time is the very think that feels out of grasp.

Surrounded by relationships that seemingly lack depth in the way that I quantified meaning before. I'm missing the quality I perceived existed in exchanged words; it's not there over Zoom.

So instead I turn to thought.

Park my butt at the corner of subconscious and conscious, ponder about what to do with the multiplicity of thoughts that once existed as words to people or rather selected person. "Write them down", the last remaining brains cells chime.

Don't mind if I do.

I usually end with some apology about not having written on this blog for over a year, but I'm not sorry. Today I moved from thought to word to page; there's great beauty in that.

Nothing to apologize for.

Till our thoughts inevitably meet again,



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