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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Ana @ Chado Tea Room

Place: Chado Tea Room, 369 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Tea of Choice: Blooming Teas - White, Green, Blue & Black

Giraffe Rating (out of 5 | for tea): 3.50

How does one describe Ana?

  1. She is 110% the greasiest person you will ever meet - both physically and metaphysically

  2. There is no need for no.2 because no.1 is the summation of the enigma that is Ana

All jokes aside, Ana is a wonderful human being who exudes kindness; not that she would ever admit to this. With Andie in hand (succulent featured throughout the blog) we ventured downtown to the Chado Tea Room, opting for 4 blooming teas with a scone. With blooming teas, the leaves literally bloom as they steep - just imagine an alien creature coming to life within a teapot. I would like to say that we had some sophisticated mechanism for choosing our teas, however this would be an outright lie. The only thing I remember about the name of the tea was that one had 'fairy' in the title and the other talked about pink flowers that were flourishing. Ana, as she is half-Chinese, went with one distinctly Asian tea and who can be sure what the other was.

Chado is an eclectic place. It's an Asian tea room, that serves afternoon tea whilst cheetah print mugs don the walls and boxes of PG Tips are sat on the upper left-hand ledge, next to a wall filled with a vast selection of loose leaf teas; as I said eclectic. There's a warmness to the interior because of the mismatch in the decor. The tearoom is symbolic of the person I went to tea with - offbeat and personable.

Pros: The tea was on point plus there is a wide range of teas. They match the jam to your scone choice, which I thought was rather cool. Location, right next to Little Tokyo so you can go exploring after. Relatively inexpensive.

Cons: They ran out of all scones except ginger, which is rather peculiar as we went to tea around 1 in the afternoon. They don't know when they do or do not accept Groupon (I'm a little salty).

Thank you for coming to tea with me, Ana (+Andie).

P.S. Everyone should follow @thespunkysucculent on Instagram, she follows back.

Until next time,



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