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Breanna @ GREENDOOR Powered By Intelligentsia

Place: GREENDOOR Powered By Intelligentsia, 295 S Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Tea & *Coffee* of Choice: Chai Tea Latte & Mocha

Giraffe Rating (out of 5 | for tea): 4.32

I've been low-key fangirling over this girl since day one of Community Group.

While we were putting on our shoes at the end of group about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I word vomited to Breanna that I had a major girl crush* on her and I thought she was the coolest. She started laughing and informed me that she was not cool - she was lying.

Breanna is a dancer, which only serves to further solidify my earlier point. As such, elements of her post will read like a review you'd find in the Arts and Culture section of the LA times**:

When you dance your body is supposed to flow freely. Fluid, uncompromising movement - that is visually effortless. But if you peek behind the curtain and take a glimpse into the preparation, you'll note that ease is nowhere to be found. Becoming a dancer requires perseverance, dedication, and straight up hard-work. It's messy, demanding, tiring; but the outcome is mesmerizing. Much of what Breanna shared about herself echoes this sentiment, her life and craft are inextricably intertwined.

Breanna is a little explosion of warmth, emanating poise and resilience. Do not be fooled by the tiny stature, this girl is a fighter. Rather than becoming jaded by life circumstances, she has become fortified and strengthened by the process. There's enough stamina in Breanna to fill the better part of several people's lives, and she's still in her twenties. What started as from-a-distance admiration has changed to a quiet appreciation. I think what I initially saw as 'it girl' vibes and waves of coolness, was actually the humble confidence of a self-assured person who is motivated by faith and passion, in hot pursuit of her future. It's rare. It's different.

Have you spoken to someone recently about their passion? What did you notice? That they speak with their entire body, their eyes dance with anticipation, and their fervor is infectious? Did you understand more of who they are as a three-dimensional person with a backstory and life prior to your paths intersecting? Or maybe that you were granted entry into their inner workings and motivations? Me too. Honestly, it's a little spooky how similar our trails of thought are; you should probably go to the doctor's office and get that checked out. If you've not experienced this, you should talk to Breanna, it'll leave you believing you too can dance.

Pros: An oasis in the middle of Beverly Hills. I'm not sure if it's because GREENDOOR is new on the scene, or the time of day that we went but the ambiance was calm, cool and collected. It's aesthetically pleasing without being showy or snobbish *praise*, and the Caprese sandwich 'twas delicious. As you know, I'm a sucker for well thought out interior design, GREENDOOR's details and overall feel left me wanting to scream 'YAS'. Plus, Intelligentsia coffee is SO good, I knew it was game-over before arriving.

Cons: I can't really think of any. I suppose a pre-emptive con is that once people (read as LA pretentious hipsters) find out about it/start frequenting it may lose some of its charm and effortlessly cool appeal, but that's too far in the future to worry about now.

Thank you for coming to TEA with me, Breanna.

*And silently whispered, "please be my friend".

**If the reviewer didn't know how to write.

Until next time,



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