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Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Emmeline @ Rendezvous Court, The Millennium Biltmore

Place: Rendezvous Court @ The Millennium Biltmore, 506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Tea of Choice: Irish Breakfast & English Breakfast

Giraffe Rating (out of 5 | for tea): 4.44

She doesn't even live here!

This has to be the hardest post that I've had to write yet. Not for lack of things to say, but rather how do I sum up #ifemmie in one post and do it justice? (Exactly, my head is reeling too). Let's start from the very beginning and you'll be surprised to find out that the tale of Emmeline and Ifelola did not begin harmoniously. About 5 years ago I had decided that we couldn't be friends, the emotion-filled antics of teenagers cannot be explained (trust me leading psychologists are trying and failing to find the algorithm to justifiably explain teenage years that are simply inexplicable), next we started working together at John Lewis. Same department, same supervisor, same work schedule. I know what you're thinking, how did Ifelola put up with her? Jk, how did Emmeline put up with Ifelola is the real question. Fast forward to the present day and how the tables have turned.

Emmeline is a wanderlust, dog-crazed, girl of integrity. She sees something and gets it done. I'm in awe of all that she takes on and achieves. There's no problem too great to tackle, no favor to big to ask, no challenge that she won't undertake head on. Whatever it may be she goes at it will full force with a drive and determination that is often unparalleled. Life doesn't simply happen to someone, rather you make it happen - And let me tell you she is not only making it happen, but she's also a trailblazer that light a path for others to follow suit.

You know those friends who you can have conversations with merely through silent glances, or those people in your life who simply understand without explanation. How about particular individuals that you lock eyes at the same time during a ludicrous story or you're able to finish said story without words. The people who fly halfway around the world to visit or the humans you can FaceTime with late into the night. According to Buzzfeed* there are 22 signs that you've found your best friend forever, with 21 being:

21) You had a specific memory in mind for every single item on this list.

I do concur Buzzfeed. My aforementioned sentiments fall eerily close to that of Buzzfeed's list. This is the simplest way I can define who Emmie is to me using words. Emmeline?

She just gets it.

The strongest of friendships do not require daily conversation, or geographical proximity or physical togetherness but as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part - Pinterest. You know if it's on Pinterest it's #legit.

This was a surprise TEA! Since #ifemmie will be on different continents for our respective TWENTY-FUN birthdays, Emmeline decided that we would celebrate my birthday this time around; and then once she finds herself on the West Coast again (September time WOOP), the festivities and focus will turn to Emmeline! But back to what I was saying, Surprise TEA! Seeing as I wasn't given any prior information other than, "dress fancy", I wasn't aware of where we were headed. It also turned out that we were supposed to go to The Peninsula, it had been booked for months, however, because I didn't know this I went to the Peninsula with my fam and Emmeline had to change the TEA venue last minute. Rendezvous Court is tucked away in The Millennium Biltmore Hotel, which can be found in a seemingly undisclosed location of Downtown LA. By this I mean I've driven/walked this particular stretch of pavement and I've never seen nor noticed the small alcove that gives way to a majestic hotel.

Pros: It is so quaint! From the faint sounds of the piano player to the dainty teacups and saucer, it's a haven in the midst of DTLA. You feel as though you've stepped back from the business and chaos for but a moment to relax and enjoy afternoon TEA. Also, our server was so sweet, big fan. The interior of the hotel itself was something else. The lighting and ambiance of the hotel let me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. You could say I was in my element.

Cons: The bathroom is kind of far away. Like you had to make multiple turns before the holy grail - the door. I would have liked to have seen more food because food.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays sweet friend. I love you to the moon and back.

Thank you for coming to tea with me, Emmeline.

*Most legitimate news source for millennials in the 21st Century

Until next time,



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