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Julie @ The Ivy

Place: The Ivy, 113 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Tea of Choice: English Breakfast & Black Coffee*

Giraffe Rating (out of 5 | for tea): 3.03

It should be noted that the first time I met Julie S. I was so overwhelmed. I was pretty sure that I would never see her again after said meeting...

First, you hear the greeting, "Sweet friend! Sunshines!" carried on the wisps on the wind, next you'll see a mass of billowing, bouncy curls and finally, you'll be enveloped in a tender hug.** Julie leaves an atmosphere of warmth in her wake. I don't want her to get married as then she loses this iconic first name/last name combo that has become somewhat of a trademark. During her time at USC, she filled every minute of every day, maintained 20 units per semester (at least in the time I knew her), double-majored and seemingly knew every soul. However her inherent nature is such that she makes you feel as though you are important, worth her time (which is incredibly precious), and that you matter. I'm still a little perplexed as to how she finds the time to invest in so many people, but as luck would have it I am fortunate enough to be a benefactor of the Julie S. Bank of Time. Plus she decided to stay in LA after graduation, instead of returning to America's finest city (San Diego), so really we're all winning.

Julie (or Julianna) means beautiful flower, youthful, vivacious, all of which are Julie's persona. How so? Well, first of all, Julie's smile is radiant, her take on life is refreshing, honestly, she is just so fun - spontaneous would be the most accurate. There's no telling what or where she'll be next, like a "youthful flower" she cannot be tamed. However do not be fooled, this girl can bite if necessary - so don't try crossing her. The sass levels are off the charts on such occasions. But above all these things Julie S. is a genuinely all round neat person. Someone I treasure and am proud/honored to call 'friend'.

The Ivy is the height of LA class *sips champagne*. I'm talking sky-high prices, plush pillows perfectly fluffed and perched on oversized chairs, and there's a waiter for every individual at each table. This last part isn't true, however, it's pretty close - there were more black and white-clad hosts milling around with champagne bottles on hand that people in the restaurant. What I like about The Ivy is the ambiance and colorful decor. Everything is bright and lively yet the mood is relaxed and carefree, like I said, the perfect brunch set-up. The colors, the flowers, the perfectly placed lemon on the teacup saucer; it's the perfect combination of English teatime in an American setting. The tea itself, however, is really not worth raving about. It was fine, which sounds a little harsh, but that's that I suppose. However the foooooood, how they redeemed themselves. BRUNCH IS LIFE (by now this should be common knowledge).

Pros: It's so quintessentially cutsie. Some would go so far as to say perfect, however, nothing has received such a title in my opinion. It's how you imagine the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spend their mornings lounging and gossiping about the newest member who is trying to infiltrate the group. You're attended to constantly, and even offered a glass of champagne on the house as you enter (if you're over 21 of course). Unfortunately, such luxury does come at a price. I would recommend making a reservation and arriving earlier in the day if you can.

Cons: The biggest, most noticeable con is, of course, the price. This is not a mid-final, end-of-semester, broke, ramen-eating college student hangout. It's loud and brash and unashamedly in your face.

Thank you for coming to tea with me, Julie.

*people don't understand that one drinks tea at tea

**hug reserved for those that Ms. S. has deemed worthy

Until next time,



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