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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Samovar Tea House | Ely, UK

My guilty pleasure is tea. I know that's not terribly surprising given that the child-rearing years were spent in the rolling English countryside, but when I returned to the

motherland this winter break I was reminded of why I'm so fond of the brew. I got to thinking, how can I continue the love affair back on the West Coast?




Explanation: Portmanteau actually means the combining two or more separable aspects or qualities. In order to have my cake and eat it, this semester either weekly or biweekly, featuring a new sidekick for each shenanigan (details are TBD) I'll be scouting out teahouses/tearooms/teacellars in the LA area. I'm blending the British habit of tea drinking with the American tendency to want to spend time with people.Tea + Escapades = tE(a)scapades. This space will document the upcoming weeks, the different people who join in on the escapades and the places we go galavanting to. #hmu if you want to drink TEA with ME.So here's to the new semester, new adventures...PortmanTEAu

Until next time,

The British Giraffe


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